Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Study Down!!

Well my dear friends and family, our home study is done! First weight is off of our shoulders. Meredith, our adoption worker came to our home Tuesday evening to complete our home study. OK so many of you have asked, "What is this home study all about?" Well, here you go.

The adoption home study is a detailed written report of your family compiled and prepared by a social worker. The adoption home study requires the prospective adoptive family to gather different documents, answer several questions, and explore their reasons for adopting. Through a series of visits and interviews the social worker can get a complete picture of who you are and what life is like in your family. The adoption home study is a part of the decision making process for both the prospective family and the workers. Not only can the adoption home study help the worker place a child into our home who would best fit into our family, but help the family and the worker decide if now is a good time for our family to adopt.

I have to say again that Meredith is so awesome! She is so much like Lauren it's funny. Very outspoken and tells you just like it is. She had made the whole process very comfortable and easy for us. As Meridith was leaving I asked her if she thought there were any problems that would keep us from adopting and she said no. In fact she said we will be just fine. She also said i could quote her on that in this blog lol. We are just so very excited. God has provided every step of the way for us thus far and I know that He will continue to.

Lauren and I are looking forward to this experience. Not only bringing our child home, but also learning about the Ethiopian culture and lifestyle. We want to be 100% open with this adoption and teach our child about their heritage. We are looking forward to connecting with the adoptive families who have Ethiopian children and learn from them. Our Holidays will be exciting and different. We are looking forward to involving our families in this process as well. A lot to look forward to in the coming years.

Our home study will be typed up and delivered to the adoption agency in about two or three weeks. In the mean time we just have to tie up a few loose ends as far as some paper work goes. Our next step is to fill out a I-600A Form. The I-600A is the first form you will fill out with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This form is completed before an orphan is located or has been identified for an adoption by you.We will have to get a birth certificate to show proof of citizenship, Proof of marriage and the proof of ended previous marriages. Photocopies of divorce decrees, Completed home study with a recommendation by the state agency, and Fingerprints of all adults over the age of 18 who reside in the home. That may not be everything. lol We will see.

We are so blessed to have so many friends and family supporting us. This is still a very long road with a huge financial commitment. We know that God will provide.

Please remember that you can donate to our cause if you feel that is what God would have you to do. We have a personal PayPal account set up and the link is below. Just select an amount and hit pay now. Every penny will go toward our adoption process to bring Baby Anderson home! Anything we receive over that amount will be donated to Care Net Pregnancy Center of Owensboro. Thank you!

Baby Anderson, I can just imagine how you will be and our times together. I can't wait for all of it. The good and the bad. Can't wait to teach you about God's ways. Looking forward to holding you when you cry and supporting you when you fall. I look forward to celebrating your achievements and watch you become a great person. I love you


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