Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good News!!

Well friends, what a week! Our home study is fast approaching and we are so very excited to have Meredith coming to our home. This is an important step for us. After the home study you can begin the process of applying for our adoption grants and start our fundraising efforts.
The home study is $1,500 and that is a lot of money for us to come up with. I started this past week finding things that could go on eBay. Things like a GPS, Baseball cards, a BodyBug and so on. I was able to collect around $210 from that. Not to mention our angel who dropped $500 in our mailbox a few weeks ago. We knew that we had around $700 for our home study but were racking our brains to figure out how in the world we were going to come up with the other $800. lol If you have not figured it out by now, I am the worrier. lol
So we are cleaning house today and I look at my wife and ask her how in the world are we going to come up with $800 in the next 2 weeks. She looks at me and says, well I don't know but why are you worried about it? You know God's got this. lol Just like my wife. She has much more faith than I do at times. It's like God's voice came out of thin air and reminded me of something I had thought of a few days ago. Get rid of your old gold jewelry. Lauren and I both had gold that we no longer wear or it was broken or kinked. We started going through it and found several pieces. We took it off to see how much we could get out of it with gold prices being $1660 an ounce. We get there and the guy writes us a check for $1,224.00!!!! I almost fell over! We were so excited. OUR HOME STUDY IS PAID FOR!! What a relief and huge weight off our shoulders! Now we can rest our minds and look to the next step of this journey.
Last night we had an opportunity to go to a class on Raising a Multiracial Family. It was awesome. We really enjoyed meeting new people and seeing all the adopted children. We were able to meet a couple who have adopted a son from Ethiopia. He just melted our hearts. It made us long to have Baby Anderson home with us asap lol. We were able to friend them on Facebook and are planning to keep in touch with other families who have adopted from Ethiopia. Looking forward to new friendships.
So, as you know we want to share this journey with the world. We want God to be seen and tell others what He has done for us. I have started asking people on twitter to re tweet our blog to as many people as they can. Well, that has been more successful than I imagined. Last night Leah Remini tweeted me asking about our adoption and what she could do to help. Leah played Carrie on the hit tv show "The King of Queens". I told her to please re tweet our blog. Well, she DID!!! It went out to 174,000 people. Our blog blew up and people from all over the country begin to read it. That is pretty cool I think. So a big THANK YOU to Leah for that. She is not the only one. Others like The Bowling Family, Mark Lowry, After Edmund, Dean Hopper, Ernie Haase, Catalyst, D6 Family, The City Harmonic, The Perry's, and The Nelons have also re tweeted our blog to over 254,000 people! Over a quarter of a million people! How awesome is that! God in deff in control and we can't wait to see what He does next! God bless, and please continue to pray for us and Baby Anderson.
Please remember that you can donate to our cause if you feel that is what God would have you to do. We have a personal PayPal account set up and the link is below. Just select an amount and hit pay now. Every penny will go toward our adoption process to bring Baby Anderson home! Anything we receive over that amount will be donated to Care Net Pregnancy Center of Owensboro. Thank you!


Baby Anderson, your Mom and I can not wait to come see you in Ethiopia. We are moving one step closer to that day. I love you and can't wait to meet you for the first time.
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